Cashmere Blend Pashmina – Supersoft Scarves

Cashmere Blend Pashmina

Cashmere Blend Pashmina


Baby Pink
Soft Grass
Vibrant Orange
True Red

Our SuperSoft Cashmere blend Pashmina is our cosy travel go to. Equally useful for a cold winter walk or as a summer evening wrap, the long length means you can wear this scarf in so many different ways. This is also our go to friend pleasing gift.

50% viscose, 30% cashmere, 20% wool.
Dimensions: 184cm x 70 cm
Dry Clean only


Colours by Season:

Spring: True Red

Summer: Fuchsia, Baby Pink, True Red

Autumn: Teal, Vibrant Orange, Lime, True Red, Grass

Winter: Fuchsia, True Red