Your 90 second school run makeover

Emilie West

Posted on January 03 2021

Your 90 second school run makeover

Rushing your kids out the door for the school run doesn't leave much glam time, so how do you appear put together without having to sacrifice valuable sleep?

Here at SuperSoft we've been recommending our tried and tested morning makeover for years and our clients love it. 

Yes you might drop the kids off in leggings and an old jumper but with a dash of colour in the right places no one will evening notice: 

1. 30 second makeup. Yes it may seem like a hassle to put makeup on first thing, but a spot of under-eye concealer, a good thickening mascara and a dash of bright lipstick is all that's needed to go from looking frazzled to looking fresh.

2. Brush your hair and rub a couple of drops of good hair oil into the ends. Ok this may sound obvious, but a neat parting and lack of frizz can make a big difference. Use invisible hair bands to make a pony tail or messy bun look much more chic than a spiral hair band or scrunchy and over Winter make the most of using a hat as the ultimate bad hair day disguise.

3. The scarf solution.  A luxurious, colourful scarf looped round your neck is the easiest way to freshen up your skin tone and drawer attention away from your breakfast stained jumper.  Even better they don't take up much space so you can vary your look with different colours and patterns without cluttering up your wardrobe.  In warmer months a lightweight cotton or silk scarf works just as well.  To maximise the effect, we recommend booking yourself in for colour analysis to find out which 'Wow Colours' will make you look wide awake and wrinkle free.

4. Spotless footwear.  Whether you wear a running shoe, a pair of converse or some ankle boots, make sure your school run footwear is clean and new looking. This is where a white plimsole may not make the most practical choice.  Treating your children to some new back to school clothes? Make sure you treat yourself to some new back to school footwear and give your new shoes a good spray with Colinil water-stop to keep them looking new for as long as possible.

5. A good bag 
An expensive looking classic bag can instantly elevate any outfit, but you don't need to break the bank. Go for good quality leather over an expensive brand name. This is an item you don't need to vary day to day, in fact a well chosen classic will bring you pleasure all year round. Make sure it's big enough to hold all your key items, plus child emergency supplies, but not so big you look like Mary Poppins. If you can get away with a cross-body bag that's even better as it will leave your hands free. You'll find a neutral colour much more versatile, but avoid black if possible, Navy, Burgundy, Tan or Grey are much more chic.

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